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Pfp2 -eResources on the Library Services Portal

Don’t forget to look at the following when researching your subject:

  • eResources by Subject – All resources; books, commentary, journals, law reports and websites divided into subject

e.g. Family, Employment, Intellectual Property, Competition, Tax, Wills

  • eBooks – an alphabetical list of all books you access electronically from home.

(Searching the library catalogue is better because you will retrieve both hard copy and electronic titles in your subject but if you are at home and not planning to come into University you may find useful materials here.)

  • eJournals – an alphabetical list of all journals you access electronically from home


pfp2 – Finding bibliographic information on the databases

Many of you will be accessing books via Westlaw and Lexis Library when researching for pfp2. You will need details such as the full title, name and date of publication of the books for your bibliography.

For books accessed via Westlaw go the Help tab at the top right hand side of the page. When in Help, look at the right hand column and find CONTENT DESCRIPTORS / ABOUT BOOKS.

There you will find the full title, author and edition information. You may not always find the publication date, only the last date the book was updated. If you want the publication date of the book search the library catalogue as publication dates of all books are added to every bibliographic record.

For books accessed via Lexis Library, click on the ‘i’ or information icon next to the title for full bibliographic details.

Pfp2 – Referencing


As part of researching for your pfp2 essay or report you will be reading and citing numerous types of resources. Here are some tips when writing your bibliography:

Follow the guidelines in your  GDL course handbook or assessment criteria – Assessments/ Coursework/ ft student instructions/ pfp2 coursework guidance notes

Try OSCOLA, the Oxford Standard for the Citation of   Legal Authorities (http://www.law.ox.ac.uk/publications/oscola.php)

Whichever reference style you adopt, keep to the same style throughout!

Referencing Halsbury’s Laws

·    Halsbury’s Laws of England (5th ed., LexisNexis 2009) Vol. 73 Para 712 (Updated Iss. 474, Dec 2012 )

·    (Accessed via LexisLibrary on 31 Jan 2013)

Referencing Textbooks

·    Author Title Publisher Date

·    Salter, D. International pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements (Jordans, 2011) Ch. 1 & 7

Referencing Journal Articles

·    Author ‘Title’ Citation

·    Cerullo, I. ‘Something old, something new, sign this pre-nup, or I’ll leave you’ [2011] Corp. Brief Jul/Aug 9-11

Referencing Newspaper Articles

·    Author ‘Title’ Newspaper (Place, Date) Page

·    Rumbelow, H. ‘Rings on their fingers, prenups on their toes’ The Times (London, 23 Oct. 2010) T2 p2

Referencing Acts

·    Short Title Year, s#

·    Road Traffic Act 1988, s2A

Referencing Cases

·    Jordan v Burgoyne [1963] 2 QB 744

·    Bowker v Rose (1977) 121 SJ 274

·    (Note round brackets for cases reported in journals and square brackets for cases reported in Law Reports)

Easter Library and LRC opening hours & borrowing arrangements

Mon 30th March – Thurs 2ndApril                   8.30am – 10.00pm

Friday                3rd April (Bank Holiday)      CLOSED     

Saturday           4th April                                    CLOSED     

Sunday              5th April                                     CLOSED     

Monday              6st April (Bank Holiday)      CLOSED  

Tuesday 7th– Friday 10th April                         8.30am – 10.00pm

Library borrowing periods will continue as normal over the Easter vacation except for the closed Easter weekend.

No books will be due for return during the closed period.

Please be aware that books will be in high demand for GDL PfP2.

You cannot renew books if someone else has reserved them.


Loans during the Easter vacation

Normal loan periods (3 days for F/T students, 7 days for P/T students) will apply over the Easter vacation period, because we anticipate that there will be heavy borrowing of PfP2 titles by our F/T GDL in the run-up to the PfP2 hand-in date.

Please keep track of  your library account, and renew or return your books promptly to avoid incurring overdue fees and to enable other students to access them for their research.    If the books you have on loan have been reserved, you must return them as soon as possible, either in person or by post.  We are happy to waive any overdue fees that may accrue whilst the books are in the post, but if you fail to return any reserved books, you will have to pay the full amount of overdue fees. 

Thank you for your co-operation.