New silent study space created in the LRC

In consultation with a group of Guildford students, we have turned IT room 216 in the LRC into a silent study room.

The difference between this room and the other IT rooms along the corridor is that 216 is now to be used for silent study only and there is to be no eating, no use of mobiles and definitely no talking or group work.  The room will be self-policed by students and we have put up new signs in the room which give details about who to contact if other students are being disruptive.

Library staff have the authority to ask disruptive students to leave the room for the remainder of the day.

Why the change?

Until now, the library has been the only place where we can guarantee that you will be able to study in peace, as library staff are around to ensure that noise is kept to a  minimum.

We have been monitoring the behaviour of students who use the library. It’s obvious to us that those of you who use the library do so because you like the quiet atmosphere and you prefer the library to the IT rooms downstairs.

We have also noticed that many of you like to communicate quietly with your friends and fellow students. We are aware that most of the chat is about the work you are currently doing, and this isn’t surprising because all of the courses taught at ULaw involve some group work, and studying law is interesting and we know that you often just want to talk about what you’re doing.

In addition, although we wish to keep the library quiet, we want to encourage more students into the library, and we’d like you to feel free to ask staff for help when selecting books, conducting legal research or using the databases.

We also want you to continue to adhere to the current rules and not bring food into the library as we find it’s generally messy, often smelly and it tends to wind up other library users who do not eat in the library. Believe me, however quietly you think you are opening your packet of crisps – you’re not, it’s deafening to the rest of us!

But at the same time as relaxing the rules a little and not giving out so many stern looks or asking you to quieten down, we still need to ensure that those of you who do want to study in complete silence have an alternative place to go,  which is why Rm 216 is now for silent study use only.

Don’t worry, we will strive to keep the library quiet. As the exam period approaches, experience tells us that there will be times when the library will be overflowing and yet you will still be able to hear a pin drop…

We have created a short poll to gain further insight into your thoughts on the library. If you are a regular current user please take a minute to give us your views. Thank you.