Pfp2 – Referencing


As part of researching for your pfp2 essay or report you will be reading and citing numerous types of resources. Here are some tips when writing your bibliography:

Follow the guidelines in your  GDL course handbook or assessment criteria – Assessments/ Coursework/ ft student instructions/ pfp2 coursework guidance notes

Try OSCOLA, the Oxford Standard for the Citation of   Legal Authorities (

Whichever reference style you adopt, keep to the same style throughout!

Referencing Halsbury’s Laws

·    Halsbury’s Laws of England (5th ed., LexisNexis 2009) Vol. 73 Para 712 (Updated Iss. 474, Dec 2012 )

·    (Accessed via LexisLibrary on 31 Jan 2013)

Referencing Textbooks

·    Author Title Publisher Date

·    Salter, D. International pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements (Jordans, 2011) Ch. 1 & 7

Referencing Journal Articles

·    Author ‘Title’ Citation

·    Cerullo, I. ‘Something old, something new, sign this pre-nup, or I’ll leave you’ [2011] Corp. Brief Jul/Aug 9-11

Referencing Newspaper Articles

·    Author ‘Title’ Newspaper (Place, Date) Page

·    Rumbelow, H. ‘Rings on their fingers, prenups on their toes’ The Times (London, 23 Oct. 2010) T2 p2

Referencing Acts

·    Short Title Year, s#

·    Road Traffic Act 1988, s2A

Referencing Cases

·    Jordan v Burgoyne [1963] 2 QB 744

·    Bowker v Rose (1977) 121 SJ 274

·    (Note round brackets for cases reported in journals and square brackets for cases reported in Law Reports)