LPC – PLR assessment guidelines

As you may already know library staff are restricted in the help they can give you during the PLR assessment period.  The guidance below sets out what we can and can’t advise on during PLR.

We can advise on:

a)    where to find books and how to access databases

b)    sources of further guidance on how to use paper and electronic research tools

c)    The mechanics of how to use particular resources (for example, how to establish the significance of the “signals” used in LexisLibrary to indicate the status of a case decision)

d)    problems caused by the library stock or with access to databases

We cannot advise on:

a)    the relative merits of different resources for researching issues raised by the assessment

b)    choice of search terms, or how to manipulate search terms

c)    the steps needed to ensure that research is full and accurate (for example, updating techniques)

d)    interpretation of material that students may retrieve in the course of their research

e)    the content and structure of a research report

If you’re unsure whether your query can or cannot be answered by library staff, please speak to the Librarians in the first instance: Laura Sutton and Helen Hinder or email the Library on guildford-library@law.ac.uk