Introducing your LexisLibrary student rep

Posted on behalf of Emem Aylett:



Hello everyone,

My name is Emem Aylett. I am your Lexis-Rep at the University of Law Guildford.

I am sure you have all heard of LexisLibrary and you know the purpose but I will briefly reintroduce it to you. LexisLibrary is an online legal-research database that helps professionals and students search for reliable legal materials.

It ensures that your work is current because materials are updated frequently. For example cases are updated daily. You can even set a case-tracker to notify you of new developments- this very useful for dissertation and research reports.

LexisLibrary is used by majority of law firms, universities and judges in the UK so getting the LexisLibrary certification looks good on your CV. LexisLibrary is an evolving tool; these days you can download ‘lexis-check’ to check your citations and download apps to your iPhones.

I will be running weekly clinics in IT Room 217 on Mondays @ 12:05-13:05 and Thursdays @ 16:05-17:05. If you have any concerns about LexisLibrary or even other stuff, do not hesitate to contact me ( I would love to hear from you and I am paid to help!

Please like and join the LexisLibrary University of Law Guildford Facebook page and keep up-to-date with training sessions, competitions and table day information.!/lexisnexisguildford

Use this early stage in the course to practise navigating your way around LexisLibrary and get certified!


Ø LexisLibrary Certification:

It is really simple to do, just click on the below link, register and then select ‘basic’ or ‘advanced’ and take the test. When you pass, you will be sent an e-mail with a link which will go to your certificate which you can then print off. You can take the test at any time and can sit it as many times as you like until you pass. If you complete the ‘basic’ or have done in the past, you can go straight on to the ‘advanced’ test. I think that is all your questions answered but if you have any more please let me know.
This is the link:


Ø Download LexisCheck for citation:

LexisCheck will find every case and legislation citation on your reading list. At the click of a single button in your Word…or IE toolbar, it will automatically provide you with a link to exactly that case or section of an Act in LexisLibrary.


*** For iPhone users only (unfortunately) ***

Ø Halsbury’s™ Legal Terms:

Covering a wide range of legal topics, you can find the meaning of a legal term, the legislation where that term was defined and read the key cases about that definition. You can also find links to related terms.

Ø LexisLibrary On The Case:

Review cases instantly by reading the Case Brief – an overview of the issues, rules, and reasoning, written by LexisNexis legal experts.