PLR Assignment – information for LPC students

As you may already know, library staff are restricted in the help we can give LPC students during the PLR assessment period.  The guidance below sets out what we can and can’t advise on during PLR.

Library staff are able to help you:

  • Find a  resource on the library shelves
  • Access a resource online
  • Understand the procedures for using  particular resources (although this help will necessarily be very general in scope – we can demonstrate the steps to follow eg. in using any indexing/updating tools, but not in relation to specific PLR-related queries)

Library staff are not able to help you:

  • Interpret the question
  • Decide which resources to use
  • Decide which search terms to use
  • Interpret your results
  • Assess whether your research is correct, incorrect or up to date
  • Judge whether you have done enough to complete the assignment

Please note that our legal database student reps, Emily Hayes (Westlaw and Lawtel) and Mary Dancer (LexisLibrary,) are not able to offer LPC students advice for the duration of the PLR assessment period.

However, there are many sources of legal research help still available to you at this time, including:

  • LPC Skills for Lawyers textbook
  • Books on legal research in the Legal skills section of the library
  • Legal research guide helpsheets on ELITE>My Library
  • Legal research FAQs on ELITE>My Library
  • Legal research multi-media i-Guides on ELITE>My Library
  • Legal database student user guides & online training tutorials

If you are unsure whether your query can or cannot be answered by library staff, please speak to a member of the library team – we will be able to judge whether we can help you directly or refer you to an alternative  source of help.

Good luck with your PLR assignments.