So now who’s who in the legal world?

The Ministry of Justice has announced changes to ten of the public bodies involved in the justice system: Some are simply being abolished ( see list below).

The Crown Prosecution Service will merge with the Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office.

 The Advisory Council on Historical Manuscripts and the Advisory Council on Public Records will merge with the lord chancellor’s Advisory Council on National Records and Archives.

 The Legal Services Commission will become an executive agency of the MoJ.
The future of the Judicial Appointments Commission, the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman and the Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information is still under review.


Public bodies to be abolished:
the Youth Justice Board for England & Wales;
the Chief Coroner’s Office; the Victims’ Advisory Panel;
the Administrative Justice & Tribunals Council; the Courts Boards;
the Crown Court Rule Committee; the Magistrates’ Courts Rule Committee;
the Public Guardian Board; 
HM Inspectorate of Court Administration.