How do I print?

The College has a new printing and photocopying system this year.

  • From your College PC, send your work to print as normal. 
  • Go to any printer in the library, LRC IT rooms or Denning Building IT rooms.
  • (You have 3 hours to collect your work from the printers).
  • Login with your student number and password (computer login).
  • (You have to press the keypad quite firmly).
  • When you login, the printer will tell you how much credit you have available.
  • (You are given £50 credit at the start of your course).
  • Press the ‘Print’ button to view a list of your print jobs.
  • Select the print jobs that you want to print (or press the ’Select All’ button).
  • Press the big blue start button on the printer.
  • Press ’OK’ to go back to the main menu.
  • Press the ‘Access Key’ button to logout.

 If you have any problems sending work to print, or retrieving work from a printer, please speak to Rob Fisher or Mark Bond (Resource Technicians), or any member of the library team.

In terms of cost, you are given £50 credit (2500 copies) at the start of your course.  Printing and photocopying costs 2p per page.  We expect your credit to last for the duration of your course.  However, if you do run out, you will be able to purchase additional credit.