Law Blogs Directory

Did you know that you can access a directory of law blogs  via ELITE?

Where can I find it?

Go to ELITE > My Library > Electronic Tools > Law blogs

What’s in the Directory?

  • You’ll find links to law blogs, grouped under a wide range of subject headings (you’ll also find a large number of blogs which deal with general legal topics or which cover several different areas of law, under the heading ‘General & miscellaneous’)
  • Many are written by barristers or solicitors practising in particular fields, and provide up-to-the-minute news and views on current developments.  Interested in employment law? Take a look at barrister Charles Price’s Employment Law blog  & read his latest postings, where he discusses topics such as racial discrimination, religious discrimination and violence in the workplace.
  • Other blogs are more general in scope – Current awareness from the Inner Temple Library blog, for example, is a major current awareness resource, dealing with new case law, changes in legislation, and any other legal developments likely to be of interest to practising lawyers.
  • Many blogs contain links to original sources of information or to relevant websites etc. and can be a useful research resource.

How do I use the Directory?

  • Use the arrows on either side of the subject heading tabs at the top of the page to scroll through the full range of subjects.
  • Select a subject by clicking on the tab
  • Links to individual blogs, and to the latest postings within each blog, will appear below the tab you’ve selected.