New books in the Library

Here is a list of some of the recently published books that are now available to borrow from the Library. If you are looking for a particular book or just browsing around a subject don’t forget you can search the Library Catalogue.

Business & Company

Boyle & Birds’ company law


UK and EC competition documents

Cases in European competition law


Comparative contract law

Constitutional & Public Law

Understanding public law


Prisoners: law and practice

Criminal law


Practical approach to employment law

Labour law


EU Law

Law of the European Union


Forced marriage

Cretney & Probert’s family law

Same sex relationships

Human Rights

Media freedom and contempt of court

Free speech in the new media

Information Technology

Law and the internet

Computers and the law

Intellectual Property

Information sharing handbook

Legal Profession

Babybarista and the art of war

Memoirs of a radical lawyer – Michael Mansfield

Legal Research

Skills for law students

Legal writing


Civil litigation


Revenue Law