i-Guides : What are they for & where can I find them?

This academic year a new and very valuable legal research resource has been added to ELITE –  the i-Guides.  They are a series of  multi-media guides which have been designed to answer a range of legal research queries, including how to find and update cases and legislation both online and using paper sources, and how to research EC  law.  They are short introductions, each of which can be gone through in less than 10 minutes ; and as they are designed in a series of stages, it is very easy to go back over a particular point that you might not have fully grasped the first time, and so learn at your own pace.   At the end of each one you will have the chance to test your understanding by trying to answer some sample questions.  The i-Guides could be very useful if you are starting from scratch, but equally useful if you need to refresh your legal research skills in a particular area.


GDL students will all have had a quick demonstration of  where to find the -Guides,  and what they contain, in your recent library induction sessions.  All students can access these guides via the MY Library page on ELITE (click on the wording in the i-Guides box to take you through to the list of titles), but in addition, GDL students can access them via ELITE>My ELITE>My Courses>GDL Legal Method 09/10>(left-hand menu) Unit 3 Legal Problem Solving>(link at bottom of page) Unit 3 – Legal Problem Solving>Library i-Guides.

Students who have already used them have commented that they were extremely useful, so we hope you will take the opportunity to try them out.  Any comments or queries about the i-Guides,  please e-mail us at Helen.Hinder@lawcol.co.uk or Laura.Sutton@lawcol.co.uk .