pfp1 & pfp2 – Reserving books on Elite

Here are a few tips when reserving books on Elite.

  • You are only able to reserve a book if a copy is currently on loan.


  •  But this doesn’t include all copies of that book so you need to check the OPAC to see how many copies are on loan and how many are on the shelf. (You could end up waiting for a book for 3 days when there is a copy available on the shelf.)


  • Check Guildford holdings – Once you have searched for a title, click on the live link and scroll down to Guildford holdings. There you will see how many copies, if any, are on loan. You will also be able to see if a copy has been renewed or reserved.


  • If you reserve a book the person who has it before you will not be able to renew it and will have to return it.


  • For more information about how to reserve and renew books please go to the ‘How to use your Library’ page on this blog.